Kathy Griffin: They’re All Going to Jail Including Sean Hannity

‘Sean Hannity is obsessed with me’

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 Oh, you know who twatted me last night?
>> Seth: Who twatted you?
>> Who twatted me on the Twitter? Sean hannity is obsessed with me. And, so last night he wrote another blog about my freaking trump mask picture with the ketchup. You all know the picture. And changed my life. Anyway, so he does another — another blog about it. And I wrote to him I said, “I don’t know if you are going to do very well in jail, because someone like you — the rate of recidivism is going to be very high.”
[ Laughter ]
>> Seth: Okay.
>> Yeah.
>> Seth: Recidivism is a good thing to knock him on. Yeah.
>> It’s a good word, right?
>> Seth: Yeah.
>> And also, I’ve actually performed in prisons, and I’m telling you, they would not go for Sean. Like, he’s not their type.
[ Laughter ]
>> Seth: Okay. But, he’s going. He’s going. Priebus and all of them. They’re all going to jail.
>> Seth: Now, let’s talk again about this photo.

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