Trump: ‘Anderson Cooper Was Surprisingly Tough and Did a Good Job’ with ‘Leakin’ Comey’

‘Will say this, Anderson Cooper was surprisingly tough and he did a good job’


TRUMP: "You would think that these guys would treat me great, I made the a fortune, so they treat me horribly and treat me falsely. But, just one thing, I don’t watch things. I can put it out of my mind. And I never ever thought that would be possible. And you know what that does? It keeps you on the ball. It keeps you, you keep your sanity. And it works very well. But last night I did watch --"
EARHARDT: "Mr. President, can I ask one question?"
TRUMP: "-- I did watch a liar, leaker. And his performance, by the way was horrible. And I will say this, Anderson --"
KILMEADE: "He did."
TRUMP: "-- Cooper was surprisingly tough and he did a good job.”
KILMEADE: "He did."

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