Comey Claim: I Could Only Find One YouTube Video of Trump Laughing

‘I never saw President Trump laugh’


COMEY: "That's a great question. The mark of a great leader I believe is a combination of things that seem contradictory, enough confidence to be humble. Comfortable in their own skin and allows them to shut up and learn the truth from those around them and take joy in their people. To love seeing them shine. Insecure people can't do that. They can't listen and take joy in the achievements of those around them. A marker of that confidence is humor. If you are insecure, you cannot laugh. First, you look silly laughing so you expose yourself. And engaging in a humorous encounter is a risk. I might have to acknowledge you that you said something funny that you didn't say. I saw President Bush and Obama. I never saw President Trump laugh. So I became a little concerned about this."

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