Rand Paul: Very Unlikely I Will Change My Mind on Gina Haspel Opposition

‘I think it is unlikely I will change my mind’

BLITZER: "You also told me and you’re on record as opposing the nomination of deputy CIA director Gina Haspel to become the new CIA director replacing Mike Pompeo. Is there any chance the president will convince you or change your mind? Did you discuss her nomination with the president?"
PAUL: "No we didn’t and Ty — I think it is unlikely I will change my mind and I think it is not good for someone to be ahead of the CIA that — torture and she’s a bad choice to head the CIA and sends a terrible message to our enemies. I have family members in the military and I don’t want them serving with the knowledge that other countries will say I guess torture is not so bad because the U.S. Has appointed someone to head their agency who engaged in extraordinary rendition and meaning secretly taken to a country that has a different view of human rights and allowed this to happen on their territory. But specifically the prisons were taken to another country because it is illegal to torture people in the U.S. And so that is important thing. And I think that is not the kind of person we need to lead the CIA."

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