Herman Cain on Kirsten Gillibrand: Because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump Can Do Nothing Right in Their Eyes

‘Democrats are not used to having a president that actually leads’


CAIN: "I would say two points first pds. Trump derangement syndrome. The president made it clear that no action was not an option. If he had taken no action, they would have been critical. Since he took action, they are also going to be critical. Secondly, Democrats are not used to having a president that actually leads. He is listening to his key advisors. He listened to them. And as general Mathis said last week, they presented the president with options and he made a decision to act so the “New York Times” headline is misleading. Her statement is misleading. Because he had every authority to do what he did. Tds, trump derangement syndrome, can he do nothing right in their eyes and secondly they are not used to a lowered that listens and leads. 

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