The Five Defends Maher from ‘Intolerant’ Berkeley Students: ‘Anti-Free Speech’

‘Rather than hearing the other side, you say no and it’s anti-free speech’

The Five Defends Maher from ‘Intolerant’ Berkeley Students: ‘Anti-Free Speech’ (Mediaite)

Bill Maher‘s invitation to speak at Berkeley invited outcry from students over his supposedly “bigoted” views on the Islamic faith and calls for him to be disinvited. The hosts of Fox’s The Five came to Maher’s defense today against liberal students who just want to create an “echo chamber” of views they agree with.

Bob Beckel said these students ought to “keep their mouths shut” and let Maher speak. Eric Bolling mocked the supposed inclusiveness of the left when they have this very “anti-free speech” attitude when it comes to hearing from people they disagree with.

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