Ed Henry to W.H.: How Can You Send Troops to Ebola Nations Without Exit Plan?

‘How can the commander-in-chief send troops into the hot zone without a policy about when they come home, will they be in quarantine?’

Ed Henry vs. Earnest: How Could You Not Have A Policy In Place For Troops Returning From Africa? (RealClearPolitics)

ED HENRY, FNC: Before you said there was one commanding officer in the Army who was undergoing quarantine, but we're told it is broader than that, in terms of the recommendations: late last week the joint chiefs recommended formally to Defense Sec. Hagel that all U.S. troops, not just this one commanding officer, who were in the Hot zone, should when they come back have a 21 day quarantine. I think you were asked that by Jim, I didn't hear an answer. Does the White House agree with the Joint Chiefs? 

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: Ultimately it would be the responsibility of the Secretary of Defense to put in place this policy. Because this policy decision has not been rendered, I'm not going to get ahead of it. 

ED HENRY: The White House is not going to be involved? We've been through this with Keystone and other decisions. State Dept. is handling that. I get that the Pentagon is ultimately going to announce it, but you're saying the White House is not involved with talking to Sec. Hagel? 

EARNEST: No, I think what I said was that the Secretary of Defense will announce this decision. He ultimately will be the one that will drive this process making decisions about policies to be put in place to protect his troops. I wouldn't rule out any coordination with the White House on it. 

ED HENRY: OK, so then my question is, what is the president's view about whether returning troops should be in a 21-day quarantine. 

EARNEST: Again, we will let the DoD make an announcement about what they think is the best--

ED HENRY: How can the commander-in-chief send troops into the hot zone without a policy about when they come home, will they be in quarantine. How could that have not been decided before?

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