Chuck Grassley: Trump Firing Mueller Would Be ‘Suicide’

‘The president ought to have confidence in Mueller’


GRASSLEY: "Well, first of all, I think Jeff Sessions is doing a good job even though on some issues I very dramatically disagree with him. We’ve got three cabinet people to approve now. We may even have a Supreme Court justice down the road a few months. The president shouldn’t be overburdening Congress with finding a new attorney general and going through that, particularly when the Democrats on every nomination comes up, they filibuster it, so it takes 30 hours to get through one of these. So I hope not. But I hope the main thing here is I have confidence in the Mueller, the president ought to have confidence in Mueller. And I think to answer your question it would be suicide for the president to want -- to talk about or firing Mueller. The less the president said on this whole thing the better off he would be, the stronger his presidency would be. And I think that maybe Mueller coming to a dead end as far as collusion of Trump with Russia in this election, and it looks like a dead end. Maybe Mueller would appreciate being fired so he would have an excuse for getting out of it, and the Democrats would have a good issue in this upcoming election."

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