Darth Vader Blocked from Voting in Ukraine After Refusing To Remove His Mask

‘When I get to parliament, I will expel all the deputies. They have proven their uselessness’

Ukraine Elections: Darth Vader Can’t Vote (Washington Free Beacon)

Darth Vader may have fought for the Empire, but in the Ukraine he fights for democracy and the right to vote.

The man previously known as Viktor Shevchenko arrived at a Kiev polling station Sunday dressed in full Vader regalia. Along with other Star Wars characters such as Yoda, Chewbacca, and Palpatine, Vader is running as a representative of the Ukrainian Internet Party.

Unfortunately, Vader was denied permission to vote in the Ukrainian elections. This wasn’t a case of voter intimidation–he was denied because he refused to remove his mask.

In the build-up to the elections, Vader ran a campaign promising to eliminate representatives who have disappointed the Ukrainian public. If elected, he plans to establish an electronic “Galactic Empire”.

“When I get to parliament, I will expel all the deputies. They have proven their uselessness,” he said. “Computers will work in their place, and they will fulfill their functions without cease.”

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