Hypocritical Matthews Hits Christie Over 2016 Campaign Comments

‘People of color tend to be Democrats — so, it’s not racist, it’s just partisan meanness, nastiness’

Hypocritical Matthews Hits Christie Over 2016 Campaign Comments (NewsBusters)

On his Oct. 23 Hardball program, MSNBC's Chris Matthews excoriated New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie for highlighting in a recent speech the importance of swing-state Republicans getting reelected as governor to pave a smoother road for the eventual Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential campaign. Matthews, of course, took the worst-possible interpretation of Christie's remarks -- that he endorses partisan voter suppression -- rather than the more logical and charitable interpretation that Christie was referring to the partisan political apparatus that governors can lend to campaign structure and getting out the vote.

Certainly Matthews himself most certainly understands the strategic importance of having friendly governors on your side in crucial swing states, as evidenced by Matthews's musing on the October 21 program about Democratic gubernatorial Tom Wolf (D) and how he can pave the way for the Keystone State to be "Clinton country" in 2016.

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