CNN’s Student Panel on Gun Control Melts Down into Fight About Race: ‘You’re a Racist!’

‘There are exceptions to the rule, but school shooters generally are young white men’

CNN’s Student Panel on Gun Control Melts Down Into Fight About Race: ‘You’re a Racist!’ (Mediaite)

CNN aired the second half of their gun conversation with studentstoday, though things went off the rails when the panel started fighting about role of race in gun violence.

Zyahna Bryant brought up the racial element of inner city violence, which prompted pro-gun student Jacob Scott to snark about gun laws and how the left wants “open borders” so criminal aliens can run amok with illegal guns. When Bryant noted that most school shooters are young white men, Scott shouted “now you’re a racist!” back at her.

Scott tried to point to the Pulse nightclub shooter as an example for his point, but when Alisyn Camerota noted that Bryant was statistically correct, he retorted “okay, but they’re also pumped up on meds too.” When Tanzil Philip jumped in to support Bryant’s argument that having armed guards at school would worsen institutional suspicion for students of color, Scott responded “stop playing the race card. You two are racists.”

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