Geraldo: If I Were McCabe, I Would Be a Lot More Worried About Getting a Defense Attorney than My Pension

‘This is a person, apparently, who lied to the FBI about the Hillary Clinton email probe’


GERALDO: "That's a good question, but to me, you know, I think it is so weird, the coverage of McCabe the way that is coming down. Because if I were him, or if I were he, I don’t know which is the correct English here, I would be a lot more worried about getting a criminal defense attorney than I would getting a pension ruling from civil service union. I mean, this is a person, apparently, who lied to the F.B.I. about the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe, about, you know, the other, the Clinton Foundation. You can do a lot of things but the one thing you can’t do is sit with a federal investigator and not tell the truth."

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