Fauci: We Can Better Track Possible Ebola Travelers if We Let Them Come Directly Here

‘We respect their opinion and we understand there’s some rationale for that, but would you look at what the possible side bad effects would be, in terms of the counterproductive’

“I think one needs to understand that people who say that [to impose travel ban] --  we respect that opinion and we understand that there’s some rationale for that. But would you look at what the possible side bad effects would be in the sense of counterproductive, is that when people come in from a country it’s much easier to track them if you know where they’re coming from.

But what you do if you then completely ban travel, there’s the feasibility of going to other countries where we don’t have a travel ban and have people come in. The most important thing we want to do is to protect the American public. And we’ll discuss any way — and the president has said that — we’ll discuss any way we need to do that. So, we feel this way, but we certainly respect the opinion of people who do not, and we try to give them the rationale why we feel this way.”


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