Scarborough: I ‘Wonder If We’re Not Seeing the Rebirth of a National Democratic Party Here’

‘Stay with me, everybody, stay with me’

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SCARBOROUGH: "And this — you — you look back again, you look back at what happened in 1974, post Watergate, and you look at the generation of leaders that that ‘74 off year election created for Democrats and I just wonder if we’re not seeing the rebirth of a national Democratic Party here, stay with me, everybody, stay with me."
BRZEZINSKI: "Okay. Don’t get us ahead of our skis."
SCARBOROUGH: "No, because you were finding, John, that the Democratic Party has awakened, they’ve gotten smart and they have a lot of U.S. Marines, a lot of retired military men and women, a lot of people that are fitting their district that sort of out of the Seth Mollton mold that is going to be tough for Republicans to paint as people like poor Rick Saccone tried to paint Conor lamb, a U.S. Marine as somebody who hates his country."

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