N. Korea Expert: I Thought There Was a Better Chance We’d Be at Nuclear War with N. Korea Than Peace Talks

‘So I do think the North Koreans might be trying to buy some time here’


KAZIANIS: "I actually thought there was a better chance we would be at nuclear war with north Korea than there would be peace talks. There is something we are missing, tucker there is a little bit of context. South Korean press about two weeks ago came out with reports that were fascinating. They actually speculated that North Korea was actually on the edge of financial bankruptcy. By October, their foreign exchange reserves are probably going to be exhausted and their dollar reserves are going to be exhausted. So that means North Korea is essentially bankrupt. You can’t build a lot of nuclear weapons and a lot of missiles when you have no money to do it to pay all the different spies and people to bring those materials back. You can’t feed your people that way. So I do think the North Koreans might be trying to buy some time here. I also think that Kim Jong un’s new found pragmatism there might be a bigger reason for it."

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