Lee Zeldin: Dems Are the Source of the Leaks from the House Intel Committee

‘There a is a process going to be followed’


ZELDIN: "You know, and if you go testify thinking that there is going to be a transcript after the fact, you’ll have a chance to review it. There is no a process that's going to be followed. Rules, confidentiality. You spent several hours testifying and then one question is spun by Adam Schiff and his colleagues on the House Democratic — the Intel Committee. They go to the media. They’re quoted as anonymous sources. It happened to Don, Jr., where — where leaks were happening while he was testifying. We see it here with Hope Hicks. It has a chilling effect on the House Intel Committee, and really on all of Congress. Because why should someone come to testify if in the middle of their testimony this kind of — or — or afterwards improperly the stuff is going to come out.”

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