Hannity: Mainsteam Media Using Nunberg as a Tool to Attack Trump

‘The liberal media stopped caring about the truth’

HANNITY: "You think if Erin Burnett over at fake CNN, if she smelled alcohol on his breath, maybe she wouldn’t have put him on the air. That wasn’t the point of what the media was doing. They didn’t care that he was melting down on national television. They were using hill as a tool to attack the Trump Administration. Didn’t matter in 91 — Nunberg wasn’t making any sense. They used this as an opportunity to attack the and seize on it. The mainstream was obsessing over nunberg’s freak out, they missed huge developments in stories they should have been covering like irreable concrete evidence against the Russian investigation. The liberal media stopped caring about the truth and fact as long time ago. Why the facts first network, fake CNN, will go anywhere in the world to try to prove their trump Russian conspiracy theory to be true. I’m not making it up. This is from fake news CNN."

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