Graham: My Bill Will Allow Judges To Take Guns Away Before People Commit Violence

‘You have got to make the case, give due process’

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BRENNAN: On the issue of gun policy, you seem to think there was something possible to get done.


BRENNAN: I understand you’re introducing a bill this week regarding so-called red flag policies that would allow authorities to seize guns before people commit violence.


BRENNAN: What kind of prospects do you see for this?

GRAHAM: Really good prospects. The president did a good job talking about we should be able to do something to stop shootings like this.

We tell our citizens, if you see something, say something. Well, everybody saw something, and everybody said something, but the government did nothing. So, under this bill, you could go to a federal judge, law enforcement people, family members could, and petition for a restraining order when — you have got to make the case, give due process.

This person is about to blow up here. They’re becoming mentally unstable. Create a system that would intervene. This guy was visited by the cops 30 times. People called the FBI, and nobody did a damn thing.

So this bill would allow judges to take guns away from a guy like this before it’s too late. I hope the president will get behind this, because it worked in Indiana. And that’s where we’re modeling out law, off the Indiana law.

BRENNAN: Very quickly, sir, do you have any idea if Republican leadership will take this to the floor? And it’s a controversial issue in an election year.

GRAHAM: If we don’t, we’re going to get hurt, because most Americans believe we should solve problems that Americans are facing, like gun violence and school safety problems.

If we don’t take this up, and if Democrats don’t work with us, we will all suffer. And we should.

BRENNAN: All right. Senator Lindsey Graham, thank you for joining us this morning from South Carolina.

GRAHAM: Thank you.

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