Kirk Blasts the Media: They Would Rather See America Fail than Trump Succeed

‘It’s sick and wrong’


KIRK: "Well, it’s funny. There is an old expression tell the truth it’s easier to remember. What’s going on here is the media is almost cheering for this president to fail. Look, it just makes me so angry because this president is accomplishing over the last year is truly historic. Imagine if a Democrat president had black unemployment at record low levels, black home ownership at the highest ever level. Latino unemployment lowest level. The Dow hitting records every other week. The economy roaring. Trillions of dollars coming back to the country. The media would be fawning over this Democrat president most accomplished most stable wonderful president we ever had. Instead we are worrying about all of this palace intrigue. It’s because the media wants him to fail. They would rather see America fail while trump is in office than succeed. It’s sick and wrong and see this nonsense happening with the media." 

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