Fmr. Gov’t Ethics Dir. Slams Kushner over Loans: ‘This Is as Common Sense Ethics as It Gets; You Don’t Do This’

‘There are two different sets of rules — One is criminal, one is administrative’

SHAUB: "It would have been bad either way if he was meeting in his official capacity. But the fact that it is in the White House just adds all of that much more weight to his authority as an assistant to the president who can influence their lives. There are two different sets of rules. One is criminal, one is administrative. It is probably not criminal unless they were working on a matter that could actually affect his companies and which he still had a financial interest. But there are non-criminal ethics rules that matter. The standard of conduct that say you should recuse whenever participating in a matter like this can create an appearance that you have lost your impartiality. And people can quible over the technical reading of covered relationship and whether it apply, but there is a catch-all that certainly did apply here and in any other White House, they would certainly have had him recuse. It is rule that is easy to enforce. A person can always say I was unaware, I didn’t know. But come on here, this is as common sense ethics as it gets. You don’t do this."

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