Dave Bossie Praises Hope Hicks: ‘I Can’t Speak Highly Enough of Her’

‘She is wonderfully warm, incredibly thoughtful person’


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CONWAY: "Hope is one of those unbroken threads between the early days of the primary, campaign, all through the campaign, on the plane, practically every day, including on weekends with candidate Trump, during transition with him and with us, and certainly here since day one in the administration."
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SMITH: "Kellyanne Conway earlier praising Hope Hicks following her resignation as White House communications director. David Bossie is the chairman of Citizens United and a Fox News contributor, and someone who knows her very well. And I wonder what your thoughts are this morning, as everybody wonders what’s happening inside the White House."
BOSSIE: "Well I think, first of all, Hope Hicks say dear friend of mine. She is a wonderful, warm, incredibly thoughtful person. A true professional at her job, and somebody the president of the United States counts on and has counted on every minute of every day for the last several years. She is instrumental to really putting forth his agenda during the campaign and now in this White House. She's a steady set of hands, and just a wonderful, wonderful person. I -- I count myself as the -- the -- the president of her fan club. And I -- I can’t speak highly enough of her. She is somebody who is going to have a great career going forward."

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