Rubio on Fla Shooting: ‘This Was a Multisystemic Failure’

‘The sheriff’s office knew this was a problem, the school districts knew this was a problem’


RUBIO: "What everyone agrees on is we never want to see this happen again anywhere in America. And you mentioned something about the shooting that I think is critical. This was a multisystemic failure. Without pointing fingers or laying blame on anyone in particular that may or may not be here to defend themselves, the sheriff’s office knew this was a problem, the school districts knew this was a problem, the F.B.I. had been alerted to the problem, the Department of Children and Families in Florida knew this was a problem. But the big problem is none of them talked to each other. Nobody told the others what they knew. And there’s a bill out there that Senator Hatch is going to file very soon and Congressman Rutherford and others here have already filed and it's called the Stop School Violence Act. I'll let them describe it more in detail, but one of the things it does, it incentivizes the creation of this sort of synergy where all of these people are talking to each other so they can compare notes and get ahead of this."

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