Fox News: Judge Curiel Rules Trump Can Waive Environmental Regulations to Build Wall

‘This is a major victory’


LA JEUNESSE: "Yesterday a federal judge rejected that argument saying, 'Congress enacted a law which attempts to avoid delays caused by lawsuits challenging construction of barriers allowing the Secretary to waive application and enforcement of federal, state and local laws during construction of a border barrier.' So the irony here, the judge that candidate Trump criticized for bias because of his Mexican American heritage now hands the President perhaps his greatest immigration legal victory in federal district court. And secondly, now the very same law that California environmentalists criticize and attack President Trump for using vigorously was also used by President Obama to erect a fence in Arizona in 2011 and it was signed by President Clinton in '96 to build the original border fence that is now being replaced behind me by that now 30-foot wall. I’ll say one thing, Sandra, here. Judge Curiel said in his opinion he is not judging the merits, political merits of the wall project, and he actually paraphrased Chief Justice Roberts saying, 'My job is to interpret the law, not to make it or execute it.'"

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