Donny Deutsch Predicts Trump Reelected in Landslide if He Isn’t Removed from Office

‘Because people vote with their pocketbooks, and that’s what’s scary to me’

MSNBC Guest Predicts Trump Reelected in Landslide If He Isn’t Removed From Office (The Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC guest and marketing expert Donny Deutsch said Monday that President Donald Trump will win reelection "in a landslide" if he is not removed from office before 2020.

Deutsch joined the panel on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" to discuss the investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Host Nicolle Wallace and the panel discussed the Russia investigation and how the Trump administration is attempting an "ongoing attack" on the FBI.

Deutsch then lambasted the "absurdity" and "obscenity" of the way the Trump administration has functioned, but Sirius XM radio host Karen Hunter said the administration's problems will not matter to voters.

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