Granholm: Parkland Kids Have Made Trump Look Like He’s Cowering Behind the NRA

‘These kids have injected steel into the spine of America’

GRANHOLM: "Yes, the poll is consistent with the Quinnipiac poll that was earlier this week, another network did a different poll that’s consistent with it. This is the trend. Why is this? It’s because these kids have injected steel into the spine of America. These kids have made Donald Trump frankly look like he’s cowering behind the NRA. If he does something, it will be such an amazing thing for him and for the country. People are afraid. This poll demonstrates that America is afraid. We need to make America safe again. The fact that 20 — we are 25 times more likely to be killed in this country by a gun than in all the other industrialized nation tells you, we have a problem and these kids have stiffened our spines."

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