Scarborough to Obama: ‘It’s Time To Start Acting Like We’re at War’

‘If we are at war, then we have to win ... and right now, ISIS is on the march’

Scarborough: ‘It’s Time To Start Acting Like We’re At War’ (Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made a powerful appeal to President Obama on Wednesday, telling him to “start acting like we’re at war” in his approach to defeating the Islamic State (IS).

“We are involved in a war against the most radical form of Islamic extremism in Syria and Iraq,” Scarborough said. “And if we are at war, we are at war–then we have to win.”

Scarborough compared the battle against IS militants to the fight against the Nazis in World War II, saying that “evil has to lose.” Scarborough said although he has supported the president’s “steady approach” toward the war, it is now time to change his approach.

“It’s time the commander in chief tears a page out of General Powell’s handbook,” Scarborough said. “As a former Secretary of State and Chairmain of the Joint Chiefs said, when we go war, we don’t want a fair fight. Our military commanders should be allowed to throw everything they have at the enemy. Kill and capture their leaders, destroy their war making machine and bring our daughters and sons home as fast as possible.”

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