Ron Klain on Fla. Shooting: Trump Should Stop Lying, He’s Not Solving Mental Health Problem with Repealing ObamaCare

‘He is not mak’ing mental health any better


KLAIN: “Yeah — it would help if the President — it would help if the President just stopped lying about all of this. First of all, he talks about mental health but he's put forward changes already that will mean 13 million fewer people have health coverage. A lot of those people will need mental health care and they won’t get it. So he is not making mental health situation any better. And secondly, more importantly perhaps, there are mentally ill people all over the world and only in the United States of America do parents send their children to school and wonder if they will be the victims of a mass shooting there. That's because we have out of control gun laws, we have weapons of war on our streets. These weapons, the weapon used in Parkland was banned under federal law for ten years. That ban expired and it is now legal. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be banned again.”

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