Rick Tyler: Trump Runs His Office ‘Like a Reality Show’

‘He tweets like it’s a reality show, many of his actions are like a reality show’


TYLER: "Ultimately the president is in charge. I have to think back, because it fits back into a pattern, if you look into the New York City skyline, you really can’t pick out any Trump buildings in the skyline unless you look very carefully because it’s dwarfed by all the other real estate there. And yet he always makes himself to be an outsized player. But his real business is a relatively small business and the people who are close to him are all family members. Now, notice the family members have all survived and everybody else seems to come and go, which was his role in 'The Apprentice.' I hate to say it, it sounds so trite, but the only way I can explain it is the President runs his Oval Office like a reality show. He tweets like it’s a reality show, many of his actions are like a reality show, calling the Democrats treasonous was like a reality show. And all of these characters — and they are characters — I can watch Anthony Scaramucci all day if he had a reality show. I would binge-watch Anthony Scaramucci."

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