Jane Harman: For Now the House Intel Committee Is ‘Irreparably Damaged’

‘I don’t know about forever but for now irreparably damaged’


BERMAN: "Look, we just asked the question here, is it straining the relationship between politics and law enforcement and has it rendered this committee, which you sat on and you loved your work there essentially forever damaged?" 
HARMON: "Well, I don't know about forever, but for now, irreparably damaged. The intel committees are leadership committees. That means that the appointments go through the leadership of the House and the Senate. They don't go through the regular process, which is a committee that's also appointed by the leadership but it has more democratic with a (INAUDIBLE) process to elect people to committees. In this case, the House Intel Committee has become -- has been becoming more politicized over recent years and the storied past where there was true bipartisanship has been vaporized."

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