Judge Nap on Hope Hicks Report: This Is ‘New Tenor’ in Mueller’s Probe & ‘Not Good’ for Trump

‘This is a new tenor to the investigation and not good for the president’

Judge Nap on Hope Hicks Report: This Is 'New Tenor' in Mueller's Probe & 'Not Good' for Trump (Fox News Insider)

Judge Andrew Napolitano said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation has reached a "new tenor," which is not good news for President Donald Trump.

On "The Daily Briefing" on Thursday, Napolitano pointed to a New York Times reportthat Mueller is zeroing in on a June 2016 meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower.

He explained that Mark Corallo, a former spokesman for Trump's legal team, is expected to interview with Mueller's team. Corallo reportedly will tell investigators that White House communications director Hope Hicks wanted to prevent the release of emails in which Donald Trump Jr. set up the Trump Tower meeting to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

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