Woman Sues Sperm Bank for Mistakenly Giving Her a Black Donor

The woman had asked for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed donor

Woman Sues Sperm Bank for Mistakenly Giving Her a Black Donor (Mediaite)

An Ohio woman who went to a sperm bank so she and her lesbian partner could have a baby is now suing the sperm bank because they mixed up the donor vials and gave them the sperm of a black man. And while Jennifer Cramblett unconditionally loves her biracial daughter, she still wants to take legal action because the sperm bank seriously messed up.

Cramblett explained on CNN Wednesday night that she wants to raise her daughter in an environment where she fits in, and her current town is 98 percent white. She said she wants her daughter to feel accepted and is struggling to learn how to do certain things that she, as a mother, should be able to do for her daughter.

Don Lemon asked her a few semi-challenging questions, one of which was “If she’s loved at home, why does it matter what other people say?”

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