Morning Joe: Is Female Secret Service Director Case of ‘Quota First, Competency Second’?

‘After the prostitute scandal, somebody thought, hey, you know what, it would be really good for the Secret Service brand to have a woman running the place’

Morning Joe Asks: Was Female Secret Service Director Case of ‘Quota First, Competency Second’? (Mediaite)

Morning Joe and Laura Ingraham have found something to agree on. Close the borders! No, actually it’s the suspicion that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson was hired out not for her qualifications but out of a need to “rebrand” the Secret Service following a high-profile incident with prostitutes, aka a desire for political cover via gender diversity.

“This is a delicate subject,” began MJ-regularDonny Deutsch, never a good start. “We need to be careful, though, that we are never ever throwing the baby out with the bath water as far as: the best person always has to get the job. As we go through her resume, you go: obviously, coming off the prostitute scandal, okay, yeah, women on top, good for the ‘brand,’ if you will. But the brand doesn’t work if it’s not competent. In positions of national security, quota second, competency first. It’s a delicate subject, but we’ve gotta talk about it.”

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