CNN’s Cillizza: Trump’s ‘Speech Was Boring,’ ‘Very, Very Traditional’

‘What he focused on may not have been the speech Barack Obama would have given’

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BERMAN: “Chris Cillizza, what did you hear?”
CILLIZZA: “Sort of a very traditional presidential speech on the global stage, candidly. That is a speech — obviously tone and what he focused on may not have been the speech Barack Obama would have given, but not fundamentally different. 'America is growing, America is great. We want your business, we need your business, come give us your business.' Very tonally, and Christiane talked about this, tonally very different than his more off-the-cuff remarks, generally speaking more measured. A message that was tailored to that audience. These are things we expect a more traditional president to do. I don’t want to say the speech was boring, but it was sort of very, very traditional in a way we don’t expect of Donald Trump.”

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