Bernie Sanders: ‘Sadly, The President Lies a Whole Lot of Times’

‘This is what the American people want and I hope Trump will support that effort’


SANDERS: "Unfortunately, the president says one thing today and another thing tomorrow depending on who got to him last. Sadly, the president lies a whole lot of times. But it is important to understand that we have a moral crisis in front of us. We have 800,000 young people who came to this country when they were two or three years of age. They know no other country. Working, 20,000 of them are teachers. They are in school. They are in the military. This is their home. And the idea that they could lose the legal status that trump took away from them and faced deportation would be an incredible moral stain on this country. 80% of the American people think that we should maintain legal status for these young people and the vast majority of Americans think there should be a path towards citizenship. Now the good news is that senator Durbin and senator graham have crafted legislation. It is a decent piece of legislation which provides legal status to the d.r.e.a.m.ers. It has now we think six or seven Republicans who are supporting it. We think we have a strong majority in the house supporting it. This is what the American people want and I hope Trump will support that effort."

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