Steve Cortes: Obama Thought He Was King Obama and Could Wave His Scepter to Make DREAMers Legally Protected

‘We are not doing immigration right’


CORTES: "And here’s the thing. President Trump what he did was he thought he was king Obama and he thought he could wave his ceptor and make them legally protected even though they are illegal immigrants of the united States. And what President Trump has done, and I gave him credit, let’s do it the right way, through the Congress, constitutional way. But if we are going to do this, let’s get control of the immigration system in totality which is badly broken. In the United States right now we have a Visa lossry system which endamage sz our national security. We have a chine migration system that endamages our economic security. We have right now, and this is not my talking point, per the L.A. Times in the state of California 55% of all immigrants are on public assistance. I love immigration. I’m an immigrant son. I’m a Hispanic. We are not doing immigration right. Let’s start doing it right. Merit based. Control the border, allow the DACA people to stay. There is a reasonable compromise here."

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