Reporter to McMaster: Is Trump’s Rhetoric Creating a Climate Where Dictators Feel They Have Free Reign?

‘It’s not accurate that the president hasn’t spoken loudly both in words and in deeds against those that violate human rights’


REPORTER: "General McMaster, there’s been reports recently that leaders, authoritarian leaders particularly in southeast Asia, are using one of the president’s favorite phrases, 'fake news' to describe reporting that is not flattering and it reflects poorly on their country and reports inconvenient truths. And President Trump has made a point of not publicly talking about things like human rights and freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Is he concerned at all or are you concerned that the president’s rhetoric combined with his silence on these issues is creating a climate where authoritarian leaders feel they have free reign to do what they want and the United States will not speak up publicly? 
MCMASTER: "Well, it’s just not true. It’s not accurate that the president hasn’t spoken loudly, both in words and in deeds against those who violate human rights."

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