Dobbs: Schumer, McConnell, and Ryan Understand that Trump Is Their Leader and They’re No Match

‘President Trump’s second year is off to a brilliant start’

DOBBS: "President Trump breaking the Schumer shutdown and leading the Republican Party with assurance and strength. The president has had to put up with so much in his first year, more than any other president in history. He’s been faced with attacks from the left, the right, the media, the deep state, you name it. He delivered for the Americans who voted for him. I will never forget Paul Krugman predict with certainty that Mr. Trump’s election would doom markets. Instead $8 trillion added to the markets, and this president unemployment at the lowest level in 17 years. The economy has simply boomed. President Trump delivered on tax reform. The first major overhaul of the tax code since 1986. Pulling out of the Paris climate accord and trans-pacific tornado deal. Approved the keystone and transpique pipe lines. And in the Middle East he succeeded where others failed and the Islamic states in retreat, losing 80% of the ground it once claimed as for North Korea, who could have imagined a year ago the north and south would be going to the Olympics together? All of those accomplishments and he did it despite obstruction and defines from dimms and rinos. The president keeps his word. He doesn’t back off and he doesn’t back down. Mr. Trump is laying the foundation to resolve a number of difficult and complex issues that frustrated his predecessors and defeated them, and emboldened our adversaries. I doubt we’ll see another Schumer shutdowns, and I think Schumer and Mcconnell and Ryan have begun to understand something, President Trump is their leader and frankly they are no match. President Trump’s second year is off to a brilliant start. But after his first, would any of suspect anything less? Our quotation of the evening, this from are are you Truman. He said carry the battle to them, don’t let them bring it to you, put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything. And of course he has nothing to apologize for."

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