Stelter: When Trump Says Fake News, He’s Telling You Not To Trust Sources That He Doesn’t Like

‘And a lot of Americans are looking at each other asking, can’t we do any better than this?’


STELTER: "Hey. I’m Brian Stelter. And this is RELIABLE SOURCES, our weekly look at the story behind the story of how the media really works and how the news gets made. What a difference a year makes. Or does it, actually? Here we are on the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration witnessing a government shutdown. The U.S. is once again embarrassed in the eyes of the world. And a lot of Americans are looking at each other asking, can’t we do any better than this? Let me ask you at home. Do you know how we got here, how we got into this shutdown situation? Do you feel like the press has explained the stalemate well? Do you know who to believe, who to trust? These are urgent questions. Attacks on the news media led by the president are bound to continue during his second year in office. When he calls real news fake, he’s really telling you not to trust sources that he doesn’t personally approve of. So, how will this affect the ongoing Russia investigations? Will the country ever get to the bottom of what Russia did to influence the 2016 election? And will the country ever get over the election? Maybe not, if people remain trapped in media bubbles, really media bunkers, only hearing what they already believe." 

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