Iranian President: We Have Not ‘Hesitated’ To Fight Terrorism, Unlike Other Countries

‘Other countries apparently had their doubts for quite some time ... they acted quite late in the game’

"I am not aware of the American plans and the formulas and what they intend to execute. I can only tell you about the plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran from the very first moment did not hesitate in fighting against terrorism. Other countries apparently had their doubts for quite some time. They were under the impression that, be it as it may, they acted quite late in the game. From the first day when Da'esh attacked Mosul and Mr. Maliki contacted me -- former Prime Minister Maliki contacted me and informed me of the grave situation in Iraq, I did tell him that whatever aid and assistance you see necessary and you need, we will render that assistance and aid to you so as to help you to stand up against this tide.

If immediate -- if it wasn't for the immediate and whole-hearted help of the people of Iran to the people of Iraq and if it were not for the Fatwas issued by the religious authorities in Iraq, I have no doubts that Da'esh today would be residing in southern Baghdad, not in the northern territory of the country.

Therefore, we do believe that we did live up to our responsibilities and we will continue to do so steadfastly -- and others who have decided to act as well. And if those actions can lead to the eradication of terrorism, we welcome those actions."

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