Hawaii Dem Slams Scaramucci for Trump Defense: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell’ for Him

‘You had Scaramucci just on talking about style and content’

Hawaii State Rep. Slams Scaramucci For Trump Defense: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell’ For Him (Mediaite)

A Democratic state representative from Hawaii ripped into Anthony Scaramucci on Monday for praising President Donald Trump’s “style” instead of trying to get him to behave more responsibly.

Matthew Lobresti spoke with Katy Tur on Monday to address the erroneous emergency alert that warned Hawaiians on Saturday of an imminent missile attack. Lobresti’s appearance on MSNBC was preceded by an interview in which Tur grilled Scaramucci over the ongoing controversy surrounding Trump’s remarks about “shithole countries.”

While Lobresti was talking about the panic from this past weekend, he eventually turned the conversation towards Trump by arguing that the situation reflects how the president’s inflammatory rhetoric has escalated global tensions:

“You had Scaramucci just on talking about style and content, [Trump’s] style is married to his content. It’s disdainful to friends and enemies alike, and the content is offensive. If he knew even the most remotely basic things about diplomacy, people would not be so frightened to begin with and planning for these kinds of eventualities. But because of the style of leadership that we have, we have to plan for these things.”

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