Malkin: Trump Promised that There Will Be No Amnesty and if He Reneges, There Will Be Hell to Pay

‘There will be hell to pay not just for Donald Trump but entire Republican Party’


MALKIN: "Well I think that there was a little bit of lack of clarity about what’s going on with this so-called deal. But in the end I have to say that even though there had to be some clarification statements about what is a necessary element for the White House, that in the end it doesn’t matter what was said yesterday at the meeting, the most important promises, and the most important aspects of this are what Donald Trump promised to the Angel moms and dads, and to all of those workers, whether they were white-collar workers who've been displaced because of H1B, or whether they were families of victims of illegal alien crime. And what he promised those people who went to bat for him in the election was, there will be no amnesty. That is a clear statement and it's promise you can make, and if he reneges on this promise, it will be hell to pay, not just for Donald Trump but for the entire Republican Party."

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