Kurtz: The Stephen Miller-Tapper Interview Was ‘Good TV But Not Great Discussion’

‘It was a train wreck interview on both sides’


KURTZ: "It was a train wreck interview on both sides. I think that’s in part with what Stephen Miller wanted because the White House doesn’t usually send top guests to CNN. And so basically Miller’s goal was three-fold. He wanted to trash Steve Bannon and trash author Michael Wolff, and he wanted to beat up on CNN, which he called the hotbed of anti-Trump hysteria. Jake Tapper, the anchor, shouldn't have called him obsequious, he got a little condescending at times, but in fairness, he was trying to get control of the interview as Miller’s filibustered and said, 'I just need three minutes to say whatever I want.' No anchor allows that. So it ended up being good TV, but not great discussion."

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