Blumenthal: ‘Almost Certainly’ There Will Be Additional Convictions in Russia Probe

‘Almost certainly in my view there will be additional convictions as well as indictments’


SCARBOROUGH: “So you're saying we should expect additional indictments soon?”
BLUMENTHAL: “Almost certainly in my view there will be additional convictions, guilty pleas, as well as indictments. But on the Judiciary Committee, I’m very disappointed that this first action by the Republican majority is aimed at someone who has reported wrong doing, Christopher Steele, rather than committed it. And it’s based on information that the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice actually provided to the committee. It’s not new information generated by the committee. And so I think it seems more designed to deflect from the investigation that we should be conducting into collusion by the Trump campaign with Russian meddling and the obstruction of justice." 

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