Kurt Bardella: Steve Bannon Is All About Himself, Advancing His Own Agenda and Doesn’t Have Loyalty to Anyone

‘Trump is right that Steve is all about himself, he’s all about advancing his own agenda’


BARDELLA: "The crazy calling had each other crazy right now. In August when Steve Bannon left the White House he said publicly, “The presidency we won and fought for is over.” If you pay attention to what Steve has been saying, it’s not that far off where it’s got-tone this point where they’re at war with each other. Trump is right that Steve is all about himself, he’s all about advancing his own agenda, he uses the platform of Breitbart to prop himself up, the brand of Steve Bannon. On the flip side of it, Bannon, he doesn’t have loyalty to anybody. He is free to do and say whatever he wants. He has a daily platform to espouse the direction he thinks this administration should go. And really he has his platform to weaponize and settle scores, which is a lot of what sounds like happened here was him settling scores against Jared Kushner and trump junior who he’s been at war with since he joined the Trump campaign."

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