NYT’s Alcindor: Papadopoulos Turned out To Be ‘a Coffee Boy’ with a Lot of Information

‘He had enough information that he was out there meeting with foreign advisers’


ALCINDOR: “This report essentially goes to the heart of the matter. It puts a really big crack in the Republican narrative that this was all a politically motivated investigation that pointed to President Trump and was part of a plan to kind of attack his legitimacy and was part of this plan to use this dossier that is pretty un-credible and use it in a way that would the President. Instead what we have is a presidential adviser, or the Trump campaign called him 'a coffee boy,' but he was a coffee boy with a lot of information, enough information that he was out there meeting with foreign advisers on behalf of the campaign. And it goes to the idea that it was actually an ally of the United States that tipped us off. So in some ways it tells us that George Papadopoulos really does know more than the Trump campaign wants to let on. That this wasn't just a politically motivated investigation. This was instead something that was very much motivated by hard facts."

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