Woodward: It’s a ‘Mistake’ for Trump to Attack the FBI and Say He Has the ‘Absolute Right’ to Do Anything with the DOJ

‘I think some of the Trump lawyers are fantasizing when they think it’s going to be over quickly’


WOODWARD: "I think that is a mistake. Clearly, now trump is, at least for the moment, saying he expects to be treated fairly by Mueller. Of course, the FBI on this case works for Mueller. If you go back to the Nixon case, it was a giant mistake for Nixon to have such an mouse to the water gate scandal and then fire him. That got the whole impeachment case going. So Mueller’s going to do this job. I think some of the trump lawyers are fantasizing when they think it’s going to be over quickly. There’s no reason that Mueller operation is going to employed up, they want to be thorough. We all know, these investigations can be dangerous. They clearly want to get it closed down as fast as possible. But I don’t think that’s going to happen."

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