Tucker Battles O’Malley: ‘Importing a Million Low-Wage Workers Every Year Does Not Make Wages Go Up’

O’Malley: ‘What’s a real drag on wages is when you force people to live in the shadows of a society, to work off the books’

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CARLSON: "We have a higher proportion now. Here’s the point. If you are worried about wages which are stag snant and that seems like obvious issue for Democrats and something to be upset about. Importing a million low wage workers every year does not make wages go up. It’s a math question it doesn’t work. Why would they be for that?" 
O'MALLEY: "Yeah, here is the rub though, Tucker. It’s — you have people in our country already. And these DREAM Act kids, kids covered by DACA. They were brought here at a time when they are not even of an age of reason where when they could say they wanted to come or didn’t want to come. The only place come is the United States. What’s a real drag on wages is when you force people to live in the shadows of a society, to work off the books. To be exploited because they cannot go to enforce contracts and they cannot and they are susceptible to being taken advantage of. These are the things that hold down wages. When workers full light open society that’s better for all of us." 
CARLSON: "Bringing amnesty to people. Bringing more immigrants in from countries where the wage is a third of what it is here. Why hasn’t that happened yet if that works?" 
O'MALLEY: "What I’m saying is this. That these kids are already here. They have been here for years and years. The only country they know is the United States." 
CARLSON: "I get it, look, it’s a tough situation for them. Of all the issues, I don’t know, how about entitlement cuts or the opioid crisis or things that actually affect middle class America. Why is the one issue they are not going to move on though, shut the government down over it, 700,000 people here illegally. It just seems like metal class is not their priority. You see what I’m saying." 
O'MALLEY: "I see what you are saying. But I think you ascribe to the Democratic Party, you know, myopic world view. These kids are important. The fact that 120 of them are falling out of status every day is also important. But, most — we also, the Democratic Party was fighting against this 1.3 trillion-dollar tax cut that primarily benefits the wealthy that isn’t needed. That isn’t fiscally responsible that does nothing to make wages go up. Democratic Party is advocating in states and cities across America for raising the minimum wage, for paying a living wage. Look, we’re also advocating for more affordable college, more affordable healthcare. So, yes, part of that is that we care about these kids. These kids whose only country is the United States of America." 

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