Fox News: Sessions Probing Obama Giving Iran, Hezbollah a Pass on Drug Trafficking

‘Sessions tells Fox News he is looking into allegations the Obama Administration derailed a DEA operations investigating’


BAIER: "This is a Fox News alert. Breaking news from the justice Department. The attorney general is ordering a review into a story we have been covering all week about possible Obama Administration interference in drug investigations involving the Hezbollah terror group. A political group was intended to smooth the way for president Obama’s legacy around a nuclear deal. John Roberts has that story and a day with President Trump." 
ROBERTS: "Attorney general Jeff Sessions tells Fox News he is looking into allegations the Obama Administration derailed a DEA operations investigating smuggling cocaine into the United States by Hezbollah. He ordered a review of a project which was investigating and prosecuting Hezbollah personnel. The allegations that the Obama Administration interfered were first raised in a Politico magazine article. The attorney general said I am hopeful there were no barriers constructed by the last administration to allow DEA agents to bring all cases... Fox News also learned that President Trump is expected to approve the sale of very powerful anti-tank missiles to the Ukranian government to mark a major escalation in U.S. Support for Ukraine forces battling Russia fighters. That sale would require congressional approval before the State Department goes ahead. President Trump left the white House this morning bound for his Christmas vacation in Florida with wind in his sails after signing his vaunted tax reform bill. President Trump gave a fist pump stepping off air force one. The signature issue of his election campaign now codified into law." 

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