Mike Quigley: Firing Mueller Would Create a Constitutional Crisis

‘I think that the biggest concern for 2018 is that we face a constitutional crisis’


QUIGLEY: "I think that the biggest concern for 2018 is that we face a constitutional crisis. I believe firing the investigator Mueller would be a constitutional crisis. I fear that they will have preemptive firings or pardons by this president. He clearly gets under his skin and I think unnerves the president as this investigation goes forward. And frankly, he certainly speaks in an irrational basis. It would have been a lot easier and I think more productive if the president of the United States had acknowledged what the intelligence community already said a year ago now that the Russians did in this to benefit his candidacy and to hurt Hillary Clinton and encouraging and requiring White House staff to cooperate and people who were involved in his campaign to cooperate. He's done just the opposite. And I think elements of obstruction have taken place, specifically, for example, the firing of Comey for what the president said was that Russian thing."

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