Chris Coons: GOP Tax Bill Will Personally Benefit Trump Not the Middle Class

‘ — it will benefit corporations, but not the middle class, which is what President Trump campaigned on’

COONS: "Well, it depends how the average American feels about this bill once they really learn all the details and all the different provisions. It was rushed through in a process that made it hard to really follow what was ultimately in the bill, once voted on by the Senate, and what was in the bill when it came back from conference. Most surveys that I’ve seen nationally, suggest that a majority of Americans dislike this bill, and they believe that it is designed to benefit the wealthiest. That it will benefit Donald Trump, President Trump, personally. And that it will benefit corporations, but not the middle class, which is what president Trump campaigned on. We’ll have to see. We’ll see the actual impacts and then the American people will judge for themselves."

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